A little more about the band.

The Band

The talented musicians of Midtown Jazz have enjoyed playing music together for years! They played at several events in Sacramento, the Amador Wine Country, and as far as Pismo Beach. Midtown Jazz plays a wide variety of music, ranging from Jazz to light rock to R&B and can even mix it up on occasion by adding a few Latin and Country Rock tunes!

Because of the versatility of the band members, Midtown Jazz is able to play in a variety of different venues. If the client is just looking for some background music while people mingle, then Midtown Jazz is able to provide a nice mellow ambiance. If the client wants there to be dancing as well, the band knows just how to kick it up a notch!

Whether it’s playing at holiday/private parties, weddings, wine tastings, bar mixers, restaurants/hotels, political events, or grand openings–Midtown Jazz is able to please!